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Nate sparked the idea of Maine Light Australian Labradoodles when he was ten years old.  He began as the statistician, taking and keeping track of puppy weights each day, and assisting with the whelping and care of the puppies.  Today Nate helps run the business with his skills in prenatal and neonatal care, temperament testing to identify Therapy candidates, training and socialization, photography, website design, and business planning.  Nate is a true entrepreneur and an integral part of Maine Light.  He is a senior in high school, and plans to pursue studies in Film, Creative Writing, Ecological Conservation, and Environmental Sciences.

Abraham is a vital part of Maine Light Australian Labradoodles.  He is our resident dog whisperer and handler. Abraham is the primary choice for socialization, training, administering medications, cleaning ears and teeth, clipping nails, and bathing and grooming the dogs and puppies.  Abraham keeps watch over the puppies, and lovingly handles each one of them to help prepare them for their new homes.  Abraham is a sophomore in high school, and he enjoys acting, singing, playing the oboe, and experimenting with technology.

Jeff is the go-to-guy for the many and varied tasks that keep our dogs healthy and happy.  Whether he is watching over the pups at odd hours of the night, driving them to appointments, or providing them with wholesome feedings, Jeff is always there to lend a helping hand (or two)!  He can often be found at home with a dog in his lap!  When Jeff is not playing with the dogs, he works as a computer programmer in Portland.

Christine has always felt a kinship with Mother Nature and her animals, and had the privilege to grow up living and working with dogs, cats, rabbits, turkeys, chickens, dairy cows, sheep, and show horses.  After studying pre-veterinary medicine, she shifted her focus to the rapidly evolving field of technology and computer programming.  Many lines of code later, she returned to her real passion, her love for animals.  Christine loves breeding dogs and raising healthy, intuitive, and devoted puppies to become trained Therapy dogs and family companions all across the country.

Maine Light Australian Labradoodles is a family owned business, founded in 2008.  We are very proud of our dogs and puppies and are honored to be a part of furthering the breed.  We breed for health and temperament first and foremost, as well as coat, conformation, intelligence, and human connectedness.  Our dogs soften the rough edges to the busy-ness of life and teach us all to live in the moment.  Their eager little squeals, wagging bodies, and enthusiastic greetings give back to us tenfold.  We have embraced our puppy passion (literally), and are truly grateful to be able to share this wonderful breed with families around the country.  Gentle, intuitive, intelligent, eager to please, and happy go lucky, the Australian Labradoodle can make the perfect family companion, Therapy or Service dog.