Happy New Year! January, 2010

It has been a snowy start to 2010! We have all been enjoying wintery walks, snowball fights, ice skating, sledding, and building snow people. You can see from these photos how much delight the snow brings us! What exuberance!!

Joie de vivre! Wattle leads the fun Orion floppy ears

Joie de vivre!

Golden Wattle loves bounding through the snow.

Look at that beautiful coat!

Three way tug game!

I got it! No, I got it!

Ice skating on the driveway... only in Maine?

ice skating Orion likes his pig's ear

Watch out for the snowboard, Orion!

Orion enjoys a sled ride.

snowboarding sledding with Orion snowboys come on and play

Come on and play!


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