Star Cricket! February 14, 2014


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Star Cricket

Bravo Maine Light Cricket!  We are so proud of our Star Cricket!  Her family tells us that Cricket’s favorite place to be is Chicago Shakespeare Theater, which is her home away from home.  Cricket loves to perform in the shows, and then celebrate with the other actors and audience in the pub afterwards, visiting all the tables and receiving thanks and praise from all who saw her.  Going to the theater for Cricket is like having a big party every day.  And she even gets to play ball in the Theater lobby when there’s not a show going on.  Cricket is warm, generous, loving, devoted, and brilliant, and everybody’s favorite girl.  Here are some photos of Cricket's performance in the production of The Merry Wives of Windsor, and some special words from Cricket’s Mom:

“Cricket was one of 3 dogs in The Merry Wives of Windsor…but she was the STAR.  A 10 year old actor who played an orphan in the show sang these words to her … as she leapt onto the stage…no leash and ran to sit at his feet…and during the song she lay down and he tickled her tummy as he sang this song:

I fell in love with you, the first time I looked at you
Them there eyes.
You've got a certain lil' cute way of flirtin' with
Them there eyes.
They make me feel so happy
They make me feel so blue
No stallin'
I’m fallin'
Going in a big way for sweet little you…

She did all that with 500 people watching for 3 months and ALWAYS did a great job.  When she jumped onto the stage everyone laughed and when he sung the song and she lay on her back for scratches, everyone cried.  It was just about the sweetest moment I’ve ever seen on stage.  And of course I'm VERY prejudiced.”

Please read about Chicago Shakespeare's Canine Cameos and view more photos of Cricket and Robin.