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Rutlands WH Golden Wattle

Our dogs were selected from the finest breeding stock, especially for their gentle temperaments, robust health, and lovely non shedding allergy friendly coats.
We take great pride in our loyal, trustworthy, and devoted companions.

Happy girl!

Rutlands Lil Chocolate Drop

Lil Chocolate Drop I love to stretch Hello there! Chocolate in the Snow Newborn

                   Golden Wattle is our small standard girl. She came to us from Rutland Manor in Australia as a pup, full of life and zest and energy. She is highly intuitive, full of goofball friendliness, and bright enough to outsmart us if we let her! Golden Wattle has a luxurious wavy non shedding allergy friendly cream coat with gold overtones, and a most beautiful floating athletic movement. She has the treasured Irish Soft Coated Wheaten lines on her dam’s side, bringing in solid boning, a higher ear set and some hybrid vigor. Her sire is the legendary Rutlands Kelby, from prized Therapy lines. Golden Wattle has the sweetest disposition, a big lover, patient and calm, and as gentle as a buttercup. She has the cutest way of kissing the air when you speak to her, like she is gathering up your breath because she loves you so much. The “Golden Wattle” is Australia’s National Floral Emblem - hardy, tolerant, naturally beautiful, an emblem of distinction, and that about sums up our Australian girl. We will be forever grateful to Beverley Manners for this wonderful girl.

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                   Lil Chocolate Drop ("Dreamer") arrived from Rutland Manor as a pup all ready to light up our lives. She is a true miniature, rock solid, with fabulous substance and boning, and a bright and buoyant movement. She has a soft wavy deep chocolate coat, almost like velvet, and it's non shedding and allergy friendly. Dreamer is our little friendly elfin brownie. She likes to be where the people are and will follow us everywhere. Bubbling over with personality, cheerful and wagging, she has a big smile for everyone she meets. People are drawn to Dreamer's outgoing and sweet nature, and we see a Therapy badge in her not too distant future. Whether she is trotting by our side or warming our toes, Dreamer proves that good things come in small packages.

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Maine Light Imagination

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Maine Light Winny-the-Pooh

                   Maine Light Imagination is our fun and effervescent Miniature girl, daughter of our beloved Dreamer.  Her small stature belies her large spirit.  Imi is always at the ready for a swim, a game of ball, or a cuddle in someone’s lap.  She loves to romp and tumble with her four legged friends.  Imagination is full of love and enthusiasm for life, and will bring a smile to even the weariest of souls.  

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                   Maine Light Winny-the-Pooh is our adorable, affectionate, loyal, and super cuddly pooh bear.
Winny captures our heart with her gentle tenderness and endearing personality.  She is happy, goofy, fun loving, and eager to please, and is ever ready for a walk in the forest, a game of fetch, or a snuggle in someone's lap.  She has a perfectly put together Miniature body, and moves with exquisite grace.   Winny's silky soft fleece coat is heaven to touch.  We are in love with this little girl and we look forward to her first litter of puppies in 2013.

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