Our dogs were selected from the finest breeding stock, especially for their gentle temperaments, robust health, and lovely non shedding allergy friendly coats.
We take great pride in our loyal, trustworthy, and devoted companions.

Maine Light Meadow

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Rutlands Lil Orion


Puppy Loves Camelot at Maine Light

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                   Puppy Loves Camelot at Maine Light is our regal Medium Parti boy.   Camelot has a stately presence, and his striking coat turns heads everywhere he goes.  Camelot loves to greet new people, is friendly and outgoing, and is eager to be a part of the comings and goings of his family.  Camelot lives with his Guardian Family, where he is very thoroughly loved and pampered.  

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                   Lil Orion, with his jet black coat and starry white bib, is named for the constellation we see in the night sky. Orion has a gentle and loving temperament and loves nothing more than to roll over for a tummy rub or cuddle in someone's lap. Orion is a devoted and loyal companion, eager to be with his people, go for a walk, or frolic and play. He is ever so gentle with children and loves meeting new people. With his strong build, gorgeous head, and easy going nature, he is truly a great asset to our breeding program.

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                   Maine Light Meadow is our loving, friendly, and faithful boy.  He is the whole package.  Meadow has inherited the finest attributes from his grandparents and parents, and we could not be more proud of this boy.  His cheerful and jubilant nature brings delight to everyone he meets.  He has an endearing way of climbing in our laps and melting right in for snuggles.  With adoring and gentle affection, Meadow loves to hold our hand with his paws.  He kisses the air like his grandmother Golden Wattle and eagerly rolls over for tummy rubs like his grandfather Orion.  Meadow has a nice blocky build with supreme movement and athleticism.  He loves to take walks, play fetch, catch, and run alongside our bikes.  He is intelligent and intuitive, and seems to anticipate our needs.  His coat is a buttery soft cream.  Meadow is the quintessence of Maine Light and the heart of our breeding program.  He has sired outstanding puppies and is available for stud service to approved females.

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