Maine Light Kebo Brook

Our dogs were selected from the finest breeding stock, especially for their gentle temperaments, robust health, and lovely non shedding allergy friendly coats.
We take great pride in our loyal, trustworthy, and devoted companions.

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                   Maine Light Kebo Brook is the daughter of the legendary Rutlands Onyx and our own prized Rutlands WH Golden Wattle.  Kebo's strong Therapy lines shine through in her gentle nature, intuition, and calm and soothing presence.   We knew that Kebo was someone very special from the moment of her birth.  Kebo is mild mannered, affectionate, devoted, friendly to all, and loves nothing more than to please her companions.  Like her namesake in Acadia National Park, Kebo is peaceful, gentle, flowing, and adaptable - nature at its finest.  She is well loved and happy in her wonderful Guardian Home.

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Maine Light Fiddle

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Maine Light Jelly Bean

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                   Maine Light Jelly Bean is our very own sweet surprise. Jelly Bean is the daughter of our lovely Rutlands WH Golden Wattle and the stunning Rutlands Onyx, and has inherited their amazing traits in her own compact and delicious package. Jelly Bean is an oh-so-friendly and adorable Medium with a beautiful jet black allergy friendly fleece coat. Her tail is always wagging and she is always eager to say "hello" and greet everyone she meets. Jelly Bean answers to the name "Olive" and is well loved by her Guardian Family.
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                   Please meet our rising star, Fiddle!!  Fiddle is our gorgeous large Medium girl, daughter of Orion and Golden Wattle.  Fiddle entered the world as a rich and creamy milk Chocolate with Black mask and highlights.  Her coat has developed into a luminous golden cream, loose wavy fleece.  Fiddle's wonderful Guardian family says she is sometimes full of mischief and always full of loving!  This girl is gentle and sweet, attentive, exceptionally intuitive and bright, and she loves to run like the wind.  She is truly a rare gem and we anticipate a fruitful breeding future for this special girl.

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Manor Lake Winsome Velvet at Maine Light

                   Winsome Velvet is our super smart and playful darling.  She loves to follow her people around, walk on leash, and run alongside us as we ride our bikes.  She is also our helper in the garden.  Velvet harvests her own kale and blueberries (her favorites) and she absolutely must run through that sprinkler!  Velvet loves to play fetch with her people, or herself – either way is just fine with her!  She has a cute way of tossing her ball up into the air and then catching it, or trying to, and tossing it up again.  She is an entertainer, and we never tire of seeing what she will come up with next.  Velvet accompanies us on walks off leash in the forest.  She runs ahead and then back to check in with us, then ahead again, then back to plop right down to rest, legs sprawled out and tongue hanging out.  “Whew”, she says, and then she’s off again!  Velvet is our bright, tolerant, easy going, and carefree girl, and she knows how to live life to the fullest.

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