Maine Light Rosie

Our dogs were selected from the finest breeding stock, especially for their gentle temperaments, robust health, and lovely non shedding allergy friendly coats.
We take great pride in our loyal, trustworthy, and devoted companions.

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Manor Lake Princess Leah at Maine Light

                   Nutella is our dark Chocolate Medium sized beauty.  With eyes that peer into our souls and a buttery soft coat in a rich deep chocolate, she is one desirable girl.  Her personality is just as lovely, so full of warmth and passionate friendliness.  Nutella showers us with enthusiastic affection and greetings, holding nothing back with her love for her people.  Kisses and hugs are her specialty, and she can't wait to clamber in our laps for a warm snuggle.  Nutella has a beautiful and muscular build, and she loves to race around the yard with her canine buddies.  Her joyful energy touches and nourishes everyone she meets.  Many thanks to Kim at Manor Lake for this sparkling girl!

                   Princess Leah is our soulful and kind hearted small Medium Caramel girl.  She has a lovely wavy fleece coat and perfect conformation.  Leah has the most calm and gentle demeanor.  She likes to carry around her stuffed toy, keep it close and sit with it, like her own baby.  So cute!  Leah is eager to please her people and always seems to have a smile on her face.  She loves to rest her head in our laps, sprawl out at our feet, and cuddle on the couch.  Wherever we are, she is!  How nice to be followed around by sweetness!  We are thrilled to have this special girl in our breeding program, and we thank Kim at Manor Lake for these new and beautiful lines.

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Manor Lake Nutella at Maine Light

                   Maine Light Rosie is the daughter of Maine Light Meadow and Unkety Brook Queen Ann at Lucky Dog Labradoodles.  Like her parents, Rosie has a gentle sweetness and close connection with her humans.  Rosie is agile and athletic, and she loves to run, retrieve, and play with her canine brother Coley.  Rosie has a soft and curly Apricot Cream coat with touches of White.  This girl has the soul of an angel!  We are thankful to Kerry at Lucky Dog Labradoodles for sharing her stunning lines with us!  We look forward to Rosie's first litter in spring 2016.

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