Rosie's Puppies - Two Weeks

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June 15, 2017

The puppies are two weeks old today, hurray!  This is one of my very favorite times of development, when the puppies' ears and eyes open up as if to say, "HERE I AM!!"  And yes, here they are, our very precious and lovely babies!  Meet the girls, Rosetta, Charlotte, Fiona, Peanut, Figgy, and Diana, and the boys, Boston, River, Bravo, and Alexander.  The puppies are growing big and strong on mama's milk, and to help take some of the load off of mom, they get a bottle to top off their tummies, as ten is a very big litter!  The puppies are just starting to walk on their unsteady legs, with woofs and grunts, and they are beginning their first play interactions with each other.  We think they are adorable!!!